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Personal journal for [personal profile] chromatic.

This journal is friends only. It rarely contains fandom content and will generally be used to talk about my personal life. I promise there won't really be anything of interest here to people who don't know me; however, since this a personal journal, I may be fairly restrictive in my friending policy.

That being said, comment below if you wish to be added.
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I know it seems like I've been a hermit from the internet, so I wanted to drive by and prove that I've actually been somewhat productive! I guess this is one problem with having a separate fanworks dreamwidth from my personal one; when I get all artistic and actually produce works, it goes under the radar and doesn't look like I've done anything here |D So...

Firsly, I've written 4 fics! First is Always, a 1,476 word Nino/Aiba fic, followed by Little White Lies, Inoo→Hikaru and 3,952 words, Perfectly Logical, Yabu/Takaki and 2,300, and last but not least, Aviophhobia, a short YamaChii drabble.

I also posted some JE desktops.

And lastly, I created a JE fic archive over on my livejournal @ [ profile] faded_lace. Since I still do mos of my fanfiction-related work and activites on livejournal, my fic archives are still on livejournal, too.

And that's all. But... I think that that's pretty productive!
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jumping to my dream

a hey! say! jump pimp post

everything you ever wanted to know about Hey! Say! JUMP )
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So, I've been planning on writing this for a long time, and I finally got it done! I won't apologize, and I hope you give it a chance, but do read the warnings before you read! I don't want anyone to be upset; that said, the contents are all meta and nothing explicit. At the very least, please don't judge me! There have been worse pairings out there, right?

At any rate, please enjoy!

or, how I learned to stop worrying and enjoy an obscure pairing with a sizable age difference
[a Sakurai Sho x Chinen Yuri pairing manifesto]

Warnings: This essay contains discussion surrounding a person who would be considered underage in the home country, state, and/or province of many of the readers, although potentially not Japan, as the age of consent, as far as I can tell, is 13.  Additionally, there are vague spoilers for VS Arashi and D no Arashi and Hey! Say! JUMP's debut concert.

「like a parent」 )


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